a journey of journalling

Tip 13 for our mid-year Grateful in April project, a Journey of Journalling, is to focus on inspiration and creativity.

Take some time to write about a time when you felt inspired and what you did to channel that inspiration. Inspiration can come from many places, such as a beautiful piece of art, a moving piece of music or an uplifting conversation with a friend.

Use your journal to reflect on a moment when you felt inspired and write about how it made you feel. Did that inspiration lead you to create something new, start a new project, or pursue a goal you’d been putting off?  

Write about what you did to channel that inspiration and turn it into something meaningful. Maybe you picked up a paintbrush, started writing a story, or simply made a commitment to take action on a goal you’d been thinking about.

Whatever you did, write about the process and how it made you feel.  Take a moment to express gratitude for the moments of inspiration in your life and the creativity that they bring. Let yourself be open to new ideas and opportunities, and remember that inspiration can come from anywhere.  



















Tip 13

Grateful In April