Day 21: Grateful for all poppies 

Who could you cheer on today? 

We need to build others up and stop cutting them down – Enough of the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. We say support all poppies, whatever height. 

Spend at least the rest of April noticing stories of people who achieve some kind of greatness or goal and be genuinely happy for them without assuming they had more help than you or a better start. 

New research shows that rather than a Darwinian survival approach being the most successful, we actually achieve more in a collaborative environment where we lack envy and competitiveness. We can learn and model other people’s successful behaviour if we embrace their achievements rather than try to pull them down. 

There is an abundance of opportunities in this world and focusing on achieving greatness will help you enjoy your share. Being negative or bitter about what other people have will only bring you down and put limitations on your own journey. 

Forget cutting people down – build them up as high as you possibly can. There’s plenty of sun to shine on everyone! Join us for a few rays today. 

Grateful In April