Musician – 78 Saab “I’m grateful for my health and for having a great community …” Click play on the video below for more. Kirsten

Collette Mann & Colin Lane

Collette Mann and Colin Lane Colin: “I’m grateful to be a TV presenter, to work with such wonderful people like Collette Mann and to be doing what I’m doing for a living…” Colin Lane, TV Presenter and Comedian Collette: “I”m...

Don Elgin

Paralympic Medalist and Speaker “I’m grateful for the fact that I have an amazing life. I”m open to everything that comes my way and willing to learn from others…” Click play on the video below for more.

Rachael Lynch

My name is Rachael Lynch and I am the goalkeeper for the Australian Women’s hockey team the Hockeyroos. I work as a nurse part time and train full time for hockey. I have played 100 games for my country and would never have been able to achieve that without the...

Scott Dooley

Comedian “I’m grateful for my friends, because very rarely do they call in the debts that I owe them…” Click play on the video below for...
Grateful In April