Apr 2017 18

We’re more than halfway through Grateful in April – are you getting good at being grateful?

Practice makes perfect, so here’s a couple of tips to get a little gratitude in every day.

Take a moment to create a ritual or a regular time where you consciously think about something you are grateful for.

Many people like to use dinner time to say out loud what they are grateful for and it can be a great opportunity to involve kids, family or friends.

We all benefit from hearing about what other people are grateful for too, so you get a double dose if you share.

How about when you are brushing your teeth? Are you currently looking in the mirror and expressing gratitude for the person smiling back at you? You should be! Look how amazing that person is (yep, that’s you!).

So increase your hours of expressing gratitude – the benefits will far outweigh the outlay!

We just love hearing about people putting up Grateful in April sharing boards in their offices, spreading gratitude on social media and expressing their care for others through emails and calls.

Making good thoughts, actions and words a habit brings a sense of happiness, calm and contentment to your life.

Just try it. You’ll totally be grateful you did.

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Apr 2017 17

Paralympic Medalist and Speaker

“I’m grateful for the fact that I have an amazing life. I”m open to everything that comes my way and willing to learn from others…” Click play on the video below for more.

Apr 2017 17

It seems that there is a never ending stream of bad news coming from our news outlets. Why does bad news sell?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped tuning into it for a day? A week? A month?

Not only are news broadcasts full of doom and gloom, they are getting much more graphic and our access to it more frequent. It will take a massive global shift to change that, but there is nothing stopping you taking the first step.

Start by taking a break from the nightly news and daily papers and unsubscribe from social media streams that only report the bad news. Now replace them with the good news.

It can be hard to find good news on mainstream tv and in newspapers, but there are plenty of websites dedicated to filling their columns with nothing but inspiration and heartwarming instances of goodness prevailing.

Share those stories with your friends and tune in to all the things that are great in the world.

There’s good stuff everywhere. See it?

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Apr 2017 16

For most of us, if we are hungry, we go to the fridge or cupboard for food. If there is nothing there, we head to a corner store, supermarket or cafe.

Millions of people around the world don’t have that option, either through lack of access to food or poverty. Even in our own cities and towns someone is going without – simply because they cannot afford it.

There are many positive things you can do which, when coupled with an attitude of gratitude for all that you do have, can make a positive impact.

  • Put your money where your mouth is. If you believe that everyone deserves access to nutritious safe food, then start looking at your purchases. How does the food you buy support this? Some companies actively do good in your local and wider community – supporting them gives you more bang for your buck.
  • Don’t waste food. In western countries we waste an average of 20 per cent of our food. That’s one in every five shopping bags! Buy fresh and as you need it. Share extra food or freeze leftovers for another day.
  • Donate food to food banks – you can support people (and animals) by purchasing appropriate food and donating at your local supermarket or community house.

Talk to your friends and family about this issue and see what you can do together. You could start a fun activity together that helps others.

There are small steps each of us can take. Each of us can be more conscious about what we eat, be thankful that we have such easy and immediate access to food and to work hard to minimise any waste.

Most of all, enjoy your food and be grateful for how lucky you are to have it. we certainly are.

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Apr 2017 15


“I’m grateful for my friends, because very rarely do they call in the debts that I owe them…” Click play on the video below for more.

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