Day 22: Grateful for acting 

We’re not talking about the Oscars, but you need to start acting. Thinking and planning are great but mean nothing if not acted on. Is there an area in your life where you could be taking action? 

Some dramatic world events and changes to personal circumstances might make some goals seem completely unattainable right nowDo you have a dream or unfulfilled passion or maybe a fantastic business idea that you’ve never brought to life that could be considered? 

The reason the first step is often the most difficult is because we often don’t believe we can achieve our dream. We don’t believe we deserve it or that we can make it happen. We are afraid. And that’s OK. 

What if you acknowledged all the things you think stand between you and your goal and you just started with the actual steps you can currently take anyway? 

Forget waiting to be “ready” to start – just get on with giving it a go.  

Is there an area in your life that you could be acting on? Start today. You might be grateful you did.