Day 20: Grateful for happy memories 

Take a walk around your home and notice objects that have happy memories for you. Photos of happy times are an easy starting point. 

Pick one special possession and allow happy recollections associated with it to wash over you. Remember where it came from and feel gratitude for having it. 

Now repeat the process. Have you put those items where you can see them all of the time or have you got them locked away? 

Where possible, arrange items so they can remind you of good times regularly, not just when you dig them out. Think about having a special photo framed and placed prominently so that it will bring you joy every time you walk in the door and see it. 

If you encounter items which bring back bad memories, ask yourself why you are keeping them. What purpose do they serve? Can you get rid of them? If no, then can you find some way to feel more positive about them? 

Once you get the hang of this process you can experience a sense of happiness each time you focus on something you love having in your life. 

Here’s to happy memories (and clearing a bit of clutter)!