Day 10: Grateful for everyone around us 

We know it’s easy to complain, we could all do it from sun up to sun down but – what if you concentrated on only the good aspects of your interactions today? 

Today’s challenge is to thank people you interact with for the job they are doing – while putting aside any negative judgment. 

Just be grateful and express it. Spend a day thanking everyone you have any form of contact with. 

Here comes the magic. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

Does your positivity change the way others interact with you? Chances are it will – and be for the better. 

Consider this, maybe being appreciated will put others in a great mood and result in a better experience for the next person they deal with – you will be responsible for starting a ripple of goodwill. Imagine that! 

OMG – can it really be this easy? It seems so.