Day 8: Grateful for connecting 

It’s never been easier to communicate with others – especially by phone or online. 

Creating connections with like-minded people can help to inspire both you and them, so join in with communities that share your values and your goals. 

Grateful in April is using this month to spread the word about the benefits of being thankful for the good things that are already in people’s lives. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity to reach out and reconnect with someone to let them know you are grateful to have them in your life. 

Join in the Grateful in April fun by connecting with other people with an attitude of gratitude: 
Twitter- (We’re @GratefulinApril), follow us, send us your inspirational tweet and hashtag it #gratefulinapril 
Instagram – (You’ll find us at post your special pictures, add #gratefulinapril and share what you are grateful for today 
Facebook - Connect with the Grateful in April’s community page here, post comments and tag friends to join in. 
Pinterest – Repin some of the beautiful pins from our Pinterest page here. 
Web - Visit to read some of the posts from a range of interesting people from around the world 

If the internet isn’t your thing then don’t worry, you can still reach out with a phone call or a heartfelt hand written note. It will make someone’s day. 

See you on the world wide web and in the big wide world – we’re all over it!