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  1. I love this initiative!! I’m grateful that I was gifted with an amazing children’s fantasy fiction story to write which has changed my life and inspired my imagination. 🙂

  2. I’m grateful for many things. If I have a bad day, I count at least 10 blessings in my life, and that puts things back into perspective. They include my family, friends, my health, my lovely home, two darling cats, my business, my sense of humour and zest for living, the fact that I can make time for volunteering, the classical music and books that inspire and sustain me, and my garden that always has something in flower or something to eat. I’m incredibly fortunate!

    Pam K.

  3. I am grateful for the ongoing love and support from all the people around me. They support me come wind, rain, hail and of course during the times that I shine. They enable me to be me and to share that with the world… I endeavour to do the same for them > Share The Love!

  4. I am grateful for all the people along the way that gave me the opportunities to go from being (quite honestly) a feral little girl from an isolated country town with a population of 400 to become a Marketing Manager at 23. There’s a lot to be said for projecting what you want and believing it can happen. Everyone can change their lives and make something of what they have.

  5. I have so much to be grateful for:my health, my 2 amazing & healthy children, my very understanding husband, the lovely place in which I live and the opportunity to follow my interests!

  6. I am so happy and grateful for all of the divine blessings manifest in my life:
    my family, friends and support
    my optium health, vitality and wellness
    working my passion and developing my wellness clinics
    travelling, hiking, cooking, gardening, reflection and stillness.

    “Compassion is one of the principal things that make our lives meaningful.
    It is the source of all lasting happiness and joy.”
    — the 14th Dalai Lama.

  7. Grateful in April and grateful every day for the amazing nephews and nieces that bring me unconditional love. I’m also grateful for supportive my fabulous family and supportive people. And lucky last for now I am grateful that I’m starting my dream role on Monday 4th grateful in April.

  8. I’m grateful for my fabulous family and friends and for having chosen a career that allows me to work with such wonderful and inspiring clients, while still effectively being a stay-at-home mum and spending loads of quality time with my gorgeous son.

  9. I’m incredibly grateful to be close to my family after years apart, to be finally taking the steps to realizing my dream career as a writer and to be able to wake up each day and know that life is a blank cheque…

  10. I am grateful that i have an awesome loving family who i love and respect. I am grateful to have been born an Australian. I am grateful to be healthy and have access to basic human rights and services.

  11. I am grateful for family and friends who love me. I am grateful that I have been educated and can work in a reasonably stimulating and well paying job. I am grateful that I have choices and options and can vote, protest, express myself, show clevage if I want to and be seen with a man and not stoned to death for it.
    I am grateful that Australia and NZ have CER and I could just pack my bags and move here on a whim. Some days I just think I am incredibly lucky.

  12. When suffereing depression 15 years ago I came way too close to taking my life. I am grateful that I didn’t as I have watched my two beautiful girls grow to gorgeous young women and have enjoyed the love and support of my husband and family. I would have missed out on so much and also hurt so many people. I am grateful to be alive and happy!

  13. I am grateful to be healthy and happy. I am grateful to have a job and a home. I am grateful to have family and friends who love me. I am grateful to live in Australia. I am grateful that I am lucky in life.

  14. I am grateful for the lovely day I have had munging with my partner at breakfast, community gatherings and then he cooled me a beautiful dinner. I am very lucky

  15. The hauntingly beautiful cello playing of Jaqueline du Pre -thanks to the wonder of recording, we have her forever despite her much too early death due to MS. Completely inspiring!

  16. The loss of my home & nearly everything I owned in a bush fire Feb this year has changed my outlook on life. I now appreciate the caring & thoughtfulness of people.

    I am grateful for:
    – the young local people of Orbost who put in a few things each to make up a hamper of necessities for me.
    – the check out chick in a supermarket in Lakes Entrance who bought me some nail polish.
    – a friend from Lake Tyres Beach who bought me a towel then took the time to embroider my name on it.
    – the fire fighter who took the time to buy a few things for me because felt so bad that she wasn’t able to save my home.

    These are just a few of the many gifts of kindness that I’ve received & I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

  17. I’m grateful for:
    my boys – I am blessed with 4 (which includes the husband) unique, talented & clever boys, so grateful for them
    my family & friends – perfectly imperfect just as they are
    my online family – the amazing people I find myself surrounded, inspired and embraced by everyday
    my life – travel, friendship, beauty, joy, home.

  18. I am grateful for waking up each morning having slept in a bed, being able to eat breakfast and putting clothes on my back – for that makes me richer than 75% of all the people in the world

  19. Everyday I have at least 10 things to be grateful for, the first being to wake up healthy and free “to be me” in this amazing country. Number 2 today is that I am grateful and humbled by my captivating children!

  20. Having found someone with whom i can spend my life; & in the process, found myself an amazing 2nd family. Living at a time & in a place when i can help others as easily as i can help myself. Frankly, i have too much to be gratetful for, in April or any other month

  21. I am very grateful for being a survivor of the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires, along with my son when our house and property burnt down around us. I am very grateful for the wonderful, warm and caring people that I met in the many months after this catastophie. It reiterates to me that we live in the best country, amongst the best people, with the best food and health in the world. I am grateful to have the opportunity to rebuild my life, when most survivors of other disasters around the world, never again have the opportunity to fulfil their destinies. I am grateful to again find happiness and contentment.

  22. I love the sharing that has been generated here… I, too, am grateful for so many things – loving and supportive family and friends, the abundance that surrounds me, my health, and the opportunities that lie before me 🙂

  23. I am grateful that I was inspired by my 14 year old ‘fairygoodgoddaughter’ and her anti-smoking beliefs and values to stop smoking, starting today.

    1. You can do it! My 15yr old daughter inspired me and its been just over a year now since I quit 33yr smoking habit

  24. I’m grateful for the inspiration i get from creative people who never stop chasing their dreams. This is a fantastic site, and you are doing an amazing job x

  25. I’m grateful for my beautiful friends who love & support me in good times & in bad

  26. Although it was such a short time, I’m so grateful to have had 20 years with my beautiful Dad before he left this life – he was such a wonderful man. Miss you Dad x

  27. Hi Melina

    Can I just say, that Grateful in April has saved me!

    I have been experiencing frustration and anxiety in my life recently – but since I adopted the ‘attitude of gratitude’, things are turning around.

    This positivity stuff really works. Plus – I can sleep at night, hoorah.

    Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.


    1. Great attitude to take on board!

      I’ve had the same problems in the past and will take your comments on board.

      It’s easy to get into bad habbits and it’s a challenge to apply good habbits.

      Well done Cate.


  28. I’m grateful for Grateful in April. It’s only day 8, and already it’s making a huge difference to the way I approach life. Thanks m.a.d. woman!

  29. I’m grateful for all of the kiddies in my life – didn’t give birth to them, but love them as though I did & they all may me proud every day….

  30. I am immensely grateful for the supportive and wonderful family and friends that are my true source of strength. They bring me such security and confidence to do whatever I choose to do, without judgement. That to me is a rare thing indeed.

  31. I am grateful for the power I have over my own life and for the positive influence it can have on many others.

    I am thankful for my awesome family, friends, loved ones, clients and team members their smiles, support, friendship and understanding of my passion, quirks and struggles is something I deeply value.

    I have found my life’s calling in health, fitness and an unstoppable mindset and all my other roads and paths lead off this main highway.

    I am grateful for the successes and challenges I have encountered in both my business and life in general they have forged me into the person I am and will continue to forge me into a better man. For all this and more I am truly grateful.

  32. I am grateful for the inspiration of others, for giving us pathways and platforms to get on board to make the world more alive and enjoyable.
    Grateful in April is a super duper example!

  33. Grateful for my large supportive family and all my friends that I have.

    Grateful for every new day, always try to remain positive about every new challenge that comes my way.


  34. I am grateful for all the small things in life that we all take for granted each and every day that we are lucky to enjoy. But most of all I am grateful for my three beautiful children, they are the very core of my being. It is my love for them that has got me through some very difficult times. It is a joy to watch them grow now they are young adults finding their way in the world. My family and friends are a blessing.
    Thanks Melina for a great concept!

  35. Where do I begin??? I remind myself all the time that these are the “good old days” that one day I will reminisce about, so as not to forget to appreciate them now. On the days that I start to whinge about the pain in the butt things that need doing (such as cleaning the house) I pull myself up and am grateful that I CAN clean the house. As for everything and everybody else…

  36. I am grateful for the fact that I live in a country where i can access such amazing care for my son during his cancer treatment at the Royal Childrens hospital. Over three and a half years he has been cared for with kindness, compassion and world class treatment.
    I am grateful that he has had this treatment now and not thirty years ago when his chances of survival were negligible.

  37. I am incredibly grateful for the love of my family, the gift of an amazing mum and sister and two nephews I absolutely adore!

  38. I am grateful that others have given me a leadership role in my community group, so that I can enable many people to learn sustainable living skills

  39. I am grateful that the Cuban missile crisis did not escalate any further and plunge the world into the dark decay of nuclear war

  40. I love this initiative! When young people come to me with problems and what they see as insurmountable obstacles
    I love getting them to go and write three gratefuls and three successes a day for a week, they are always amazed at what has gone “well” and how lucky they are. I am personally grateful for my family and my wonderful partner. He has just turned 60 and I am close behind, we have lost several friends in the last few years with cancer, accidents and heart problems and its just so wonderful to be together and to share our lives, loves and have a zest for life. Life is incredible and humbling. OUr world physically amazing and wondrous, spiritually available if you look and open your heart to feel and absorb. I could go one for ever but won’t. Love this idea, thank you and I am now grateful to M.A.D woman for introducing grateful in april to my world.

  41. I am grateful for all my beautiful clients who trust me to create their business identity. There’s nothing more gratifying than birthing a new brand and helping someone see their vision come alive. It makes my heart sing, I love my life!

  42. I am grateful that my son came home yesterday after another (thankfully much shorter) stint in hospital. For my son’s courage and shining optimism in the face of such adversity. For the carers, doctors and nurses whose compassion and care for our son fills us with gratitude.
    I am grateful for the upcoming holidays, to have my five children around me, to cook, to laugh, to cry and to be together. Everything else pales into insignificance.

  43. I am grateful for each of life’s experiences that has shaped me into who I am and especially the ones that brought me my partner and our three kids.

  44. I’m grateful that I have my health as some friends and family struggle with theirs. I have my health, two good legs and arms and can cycle to work, enjoy Melbourne’s street art, architecture both old and new, and the freedom. I completely forget that I am going to work; I am just part of the landscape and enjoy the journey.

  45. The three loves of my life: my fiancé’, my baby boy and my ever loving imeediate family.

    My gorgeous, amazing and supportive lifelong friends

    A beautiful sunny day

    Jack the dog

    Compassion from those who are suffering, what an awakening-to keep giving when you are in pain is truly beautiful

  46. I’m grateful for my beautiful life. For music and the jazz that I sing. For beautiful words and ideas that I make children’s stories out of. For my son’s laughter and happiness. For my huge garden. My birds song. For insect noises at night. For love.My father, his girlfriend and my brother. For my sons Max and Jim. For my soft white persian cat Snowy. For all the beauty and the love in this world. For the sunshine. Lisa

  47. I am grateful for my Mum and Dad. My parents have always supported me 100 percent in all my endeavours and are constantly pushing me to follow my passions. I know they are rare and I am lucky to have two people in my life that love me so much. I know I would not be the person I am today without them.

  48. I’m grateful that I stumbled across this campaign! What a fantastic and inspiring initiative!

  49. I’m grateful for my partner, my beautiful son and that I live in the best state of Australia – Tasmania!

  50. I am grateful for finding my husband, who loves and treats me with love and respect and who shared my dream of having a child, today we have a beautiful daughter who brings so much happiness into our lives everyday, as a family we have love and our health that is indeed worth celebrating 🙂

  51. I’m grateful for the simple things today. A full belly, a soft warm bed and a cat who will purr in my ear until I fall asleep. Of course I’m grateful for my wonderful husband and friends but I like to appreciate little things too like watching two birds help each other get nectar out of a flower or hearing our neighbourhood ‘scooter girls’ who are always having a good giggle on their way home from school. I’m grateful I have the time to appreciate these ‘little’ things.

  52. I’m grateful for:

    * the lessons I have learnt and continue to learn.
    * my family, friends, doctors,nurses and hospital staff, nutritionist and spiritual teachers for their continued love and support, and in particular during my health crisis in 2010.
    * expressing my creativity and inspiring others.
    * each day.
    * opening myself to the beauty in me and of this beautiful world.
    * feeling connected.

  53. I’m grateful for the clean air we breathe. This great country we live in. My two loving sons. My husband and our health. xx H

  54. I am grateful to be alive, (I am an abortion survivor!) I am grateful for the 46yrs GOD has given me so far…grateful I can look forward to the future…with Him…grateful for my Wonderful, Fantastic…husband of 28yrs…so grateful for my 6 Beautiful…children and two delightful grandchildren….my super…son-in-law…my extended family and absolutely fabulous church family and friends…grateful that in GOD I can make a difference…give back…learn and grow each day…share a smile…give a hug…lend a hand!

    1. What a beautiful & encouraging testimony. I’m a christian also & love hearing testimonies of God’s goodness & grace in our live.

      Leah 🙂

  55. I am grateful for creativity, passion and inspiration. It makes us shine from the inside out!

    I was at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show a few weeks ago and was so inspired by all the talent and creativity that was on display in one area that I spent 5 hours there! As I was leaving and had my arms full with bunches of flowers, I was hot, tired but so inspired. A gorgeous stranger, who was working on one of the stands ran after me and told me that he had to tell me that I was beautiful! I had only smiled at him and said a few words. I was stunned as that kind of thing only happens in the movies!

    I wasn’t feeling particularly beautiful at all but it shows that when you are in a passionate and creative space and in touch with you soul it shines through and that is truly beautiful.

    I am grateful to the Universe for that amazing lesson…. to remind myself that no matter how I feel on the outside, it’s passion and creativity that shines the light that is so attractive and inspiring…….. Thank you.

  56. I’m grateful that I never gave up faith that it would be OK eventually. 13 years later, it is.
    I’m grateful to wake up every morning. Every day is a miracle.

    1. I try so hard to keep faith that it wil all work out eventually. I hope I can be grateful for this too like you one day very soon. Thankyou for reminding me to keep my faith.

  57. I am grateful for being reminded of just how much I take for granted. I am ashamed I so often overlook so many incredible things in life. Like the simple act of turning on the tap and being blessed with fresh, clean drinking water. My travels have shown me just how lucky I am to enjoy this luxury. Thank you world for showing me how blessed I am in so many ways.

  58. I lost my only child to adoption in 1968 in England. In 2006 he found me (he’s now an Australian). Although our reunion is full of challenges, I am so grateful that he, his partner and my three beautiful grandchildren are part of my life now.

  59. i’m grateful that i’ve finally realised that how we view things is our responsibility. that my mental outlook is the key to a beautiful day or not – i am responsible for the direction of my ship – i’m captain of my life, no one else. if it’s a gloomy day then i need to change my perspective. thanks for this campaign.

  60. On Anzac Day whilst thinking of all the sacrifices people made during our wars I felt so very grateful that I have not had to see my beautiful children go off and fight in a war.

  61. I’m grateful for everything God gives me everyday. For my kids, my husband, my family and for being able to have dreams and hopefully making them a great reality.

  62. I am nearly four years into my business and it has been a lot of hard work, I am grateful to my partner my children, family and friends for their support that has kept me going. Xo

  63. I’m grateful that I could help my Grandson attend the high school of his choice by letting him stay with me during the school week.

  64. I am grateful my husband of almost 90 years old is still with me and as I am younger I can care for him.He is a wonderful person whose brain is still quite sharp.Oh he does forget things at times and needs care most of the time,but I am grateful for having the life we have and have had.

  65. Day 1: and I’m grateful that today is a cool clean crisp autumn morning and I managed to walk briskly to work without having to stop for breath or to use my inhaler.

  66. I’m grateful that we while Melbourne is a big, busy city we can still swim in our bay during this burst of Indian summer.

  67. Day 1: I am grateful for the overwhelming love of my wife, for my great job and for the gift of the Tao

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