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Tiffany Farrington

I am grateful for my health and my freedom – two things we’re all guilty of taking for granted. Our usual complaints can pretty much be summed up by the Twitter hashtag: #FirstWorldProblems. I, like everyone, should learn to be a lot more grateful for the really important things. Oh, and I’m grateful that because of Fang I am never alone!

Tiffany Farrington
Director of Social Diary & Publicist for Curtis Stone

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  1. Please contact us ASAP. Our daughter will be in Australia staying at Peter Leveins house. She is friends with her son. Chelsea is taking a year off after college, before laws school. I am hoping you or Fleur can be an emmergeny contact for me. My cell phnone is 505-364-9510 & HOWIES is 508-280-0667. Of course, I hope she never has to contact you

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