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Peter Olorenshaw

I am very grateful for being a survivor of the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires, along with my son when our house and property burnt down around us. I am very grateful for the wonderful, warm and caring people that I met in the many months after this catastrophe.

It reiterates to me that we live in the best country, amongst the best people, with the best food and health in the world. I am grateful to have the opportunity to rebuild my life, when most survivors of other disasters around the world, never again have the opportunity to fulfil their destinies. I am grateful to again find happiness and contentment.

Peter Olorenshaw in East Gippsland
Black Saturday bushfire survivor

One thought on “Peter Olorenshaw

  1. I’m so grateful that I was born and brought up in Australia. This sure is the lucky country (except for the odd flood/cyclone/fire). Every time I return back home from travelling overseas, I always think ‘there’s no place like home’….

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