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Melina Schamroth

I am grateful that the right people always appear in my life at the right time, that I have found and followed my passion in life for making a difference and that I have a wonderful partner who supports me in what I do (no matter how ambitious my dreams).

I am grateful that when I am hungry and thirsty, I have food and clean water readily available to me. I am grateful for my family, for the people who support me – and the work of m.a.d.woman – and for my friends, those I know and love and those I have not yet met.

Melina Schamroth in Melbourne
founder m.a.d.woman and grateful in april
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Tell us what you are grateful for today. Please post in the comments below or the “Share what you are grateful for!” blog post. We would love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Melina Schamroth

  1. I am grateful that I am healthy and happy after surgery for cervical cancer last year. I am grateful for my adorable daughter, for my lovely friends who gave me so much support and for my wonderful doctors.

    I am grateful to be here and free to follow my dreams!

  2. I am grateful that this email turned up in my inbox to remind me of how truly blessed I am.

    I have an amazing daughter who, although having the toughest year of her young life atm, I know will make it through because she has the tools (and I’m grateful to have been able to give her some of them myself).

    I’m also very grateful to the wonderful supportive family of friends I have created over the last few years.

    I am grateful to be able to help as well as allow myself to be helped

  3. I am grateful for my job, in a good environment.
    Grateful for my loving partner, good friends, good health and the joy my family of pets brings to me!

  4. I am grateful for simply being here, alive and healthy and enjoying my life, my children, my friends and my freedom to be me.

  5. I am so grateful for my life. For the challenges that have given me strength and helped me see what is truly important in life. I am so grateful for all the LOVE and joy in my life. For my soulful husband, who is the ying to my yang. For my 3 happy and vibrant children and for all the amazing, inspiring, loving and giving people I’m surrounded by each day.

  6. I am grateful to have found this challenge, something that will remind me of all the wonderful things that happen in a very busy life, that can often go unnoticed.

  7. I’m grateful for clean, healthy water: a tap that always works and a toilet that flushes.

  8. Last year I tried to end the relationship with my partner of nearly 20 years. I am so grateful it didn’t end.
    He has just been diagnosed with a rare brain disease, which makes life hard for him. But the harder it gets the sweeter he becomes. I am so grateful that he is so courageous, and best of all we are still together.

  9. every night i say 5 things i am grateful for and always different i look forward to it before i go to sleep in a comfy warm bed i am so grateful to be in .

  10. I am grateful that I am fit and healthy and that I was born and live in beautiful New Zealand

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