Apr 2017 15

As you cultivate your attitude of gratitude, most certainly you will start to have some new ideas about your ideal life and a picture might be forming of what you would like to create, see more of and achieve.

A vision board can be a fun and powerful tool for focusing on the things you want in your life. It becomes a visual roadmap of the life you desire.

There are no rules about how to create one. You might make a physical board and cut out pictures or words that resonate with you, or use an online website like Pinterest where you have access to all the images on the internet and can even share it with friends.

However you do it, the best way to keep on track is to put your board somewhere where you see it daily, whether that is in the dining room or as your computer homepage.

In the same way advertisements rely on repetition to get you to buy a product, the repeated exposure to aspirations and positive messages will do a lot of the hard work for you.

Now that you have well defined goals, your mind will unconsciously find a way towards them. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of them come now that you know what you want.

Remember to give gratitude for all you have and enjoy the journey towards the things that you want to see.

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Apr 2017 14

It happens. Whether you are in the middle of Grateful in April or not.

There you are, out there being grateful and happy for everything and then along comes something you just can’t reconcile with a feeling of gratitude. How could you be grateful for something sad or bad?

One of the hardest and most valuable lessons we will learn in life, is how to find the one thing in adversity that turns it from a horrible experience outside of our control to having some value in our lives.

Often we are so overwhelmed by the feeling of ‘it’ happening to us, that we have no space to consider how we feel and how we would like to react.

In time we are often able to reflect on the situation in a more balanced way and sometimes even surprise ourselves by finding that we are grateful for the strength, compassion or understanding that we have gained from the experience.

Think about it, this has probably happened many times in your life – you just need to learn how to refocus to find the good.

Forgive yourself if you are unable to experience gratitude right now. Allow yourself to move on.

Know that perhaps later you may see a situation in a whole new light when the time is right.

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Shane Delia
Apr 2017 13

I am grateful for the trust and support of all my staff at maha and St. Katherine’s. Without their passion and dedication to my dream I would have never been able to pursue the opportunities that have been presented to me. They are my back bone, my inspiration and motivation. The tireless effort they give me day in and day out forces me to succeed.

I am indebted to them, they have believed in me from the beginning, before the success and for this I will always be grateful for the love and belief they have shown. I am not strong enough to stand alone, but with them we can accomplish anything

Shane Delia
Chef & Restauranteur

Apr 2017 13

Stop and smell the roses – it maybe a cliché, but research has shown that taking time to appreciate little things can have a powerfully positive effect with your overall sense of satisfaction with life.

People who experience the wonder and awe associated with nature report higher levels of happiness in their lives. And roses just smell good.

It’s not just the whiff of flowers that can enhance our mood – aromatherapists have long espoused the benefits of tapping into our olfactory systems. Burning scented candles, infusing pure oils or even the smell of fresh baking can enhance our feelings of wellbeing.

Maybe it is time to put together a personal ‘playlist’ of smells that make you feel good so you can lift your mood at any time.

Going into heavily oxygenated environments feels great, so take a moment in a forest, garden or even a florist shop to take a big breath and feel the goodness… it’s free and energising.

Today we are grateful for all the smell things. Yep, this is the stuff that is okay to inhale.

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Apr 2017 12

Media Personality

“I’m grateful for running water…” Click play on the video below for more.

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