Day 17: Grateful for good news

It seems that there is a never ending stream of bad news coming from our news outlets. Why does bad news sell?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped tuning into it for a day? A week? A month?

Not only are news broadcasts full of doom and gloom, they are getting much more graphic and our access to it more frequent. It will take a massive global shift to change that, but there is nothing stopping you taking the first step.

Start by taking a break from the nightly news and daily papers and unsubscribe from social media streams that only report the bad news. Now replace them with the good news.

It can be hard to find good news on mainstream tv and in newspapers, but there are plenty of websites dedicated to filling their columns with nothing but inspiration and heartwarming instances of goodness prevailing.

Share those stories with your friends and tune in to all the things that are great in the world.

There’s good stuff everywhere. See it?


Melina Schamroth
Founder and CEO
Founder of Grateful in April and the m.a.d.woman foundation

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