what is Grateful in April?

 Grateful in April is a global campaign to get people focused on feeling good about what they’ve already got in their lives. It’s amazing what can occur when you find ways to be grateful for what you have. Studies show that practicing gratitude can have many benefits including helping you sleep better, as well as improving your health and relationships.

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gratitude gifts

Studies show that people can change their lives for the better by practicing gratitude. Check out the exclusive range of Gratitude and Thank You cards and Daily Affirmation Cards at the m.a.d.woman foundation site where all proceeds go to charity. Treat yourself or someone you care about with a gift of gratitude today. Start shopping now.

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While the Grateful in April campaign is free and always will be, please consider showing your gratitude by helping support others who are facing tough times through our charity, the m.a.d.woman foundation. The m.a.d.woman foundation provides care packs to support people facing disadvantage. You can read more at www.madwoman.com.au . Your gift of $10 will fund a care pack for someone in need. This includes women and kids fleeing domestic violence, kids in foster care, homeless youth and adults, asylum seekers, disabled and disadvantaged youth, long-term unemployed and people facing illness and more. You can donate directly (receive a tax-deduction receipt in Australia for donations over $2) and/or undertake a fundraising challenge.

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